Team: Stronger Neighbourhoods

Convenor: Peggy Peek


Telephone: 216 2365


To facilitate and sponsor projects at a more local, neighbourhood level to help neighbours establish and strengthen relationships with each other, thus increasing community health, happiness and resilience

What have we done?

Neighbourhood Project Fund

A fund which gives up to $1000 to groups or individuals for community projects, where the group matches that amount in-kind (labour, donations of products or services etc). Some of the projects which have been funded:

Forward plans

Over the Fence

Created a visual map to South Invercargill with a list of the top ten attractions as decided by our community. These are available to residents to give to newcomers to the community in order to encourage connection and engagement with new neighbours.

Current volunteer opportunities for Stronger Neighbourhoods

Over the Fence Project

Attend meetings – frequency to be decided