Team: Child & Youth Engagement


To ensure young people in South Invercargill are involved in the positive development of their community.


  1. To provide an opportunity for young people's voices to be heard.
  2. To inspire and support young leaders in South Invercargill
  3. To have young people actively involved in South Alive events, discussions and vision
  4. To help the South Alive adults understand young peoples wants and needs around their community involvement.

What has the team done?

Forward plans

What Volunteer opportunites are there?

1. Join our Group:

We would like some more young members, with ideas for future projects! The Outdoor Gym idea came from a youth brainstorm.


Attend meetings, approx. 1 x monthly. Meetings are usually about 1 hour long

Meetings discuss and make decisions on the projects, assess any new projects ideas. Organise the work needed on projects.