South Alive
  1. Early Days

    Feburary 14, 2012

    The establishment of South Alive was facilitated by the Invercargill City Council (ICC) through its focus on Urban Rejuvenation, one of its key strategies in the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan. In early 2012 a Steering Group was formed with wide community representation. 26 people attended the first meeting on February 14, 2012 and began to discuss their hopes and dreams for South Invercargill and how to move forward to achieve those. The group developed a name, and a plan to hold a public meeting to identify and prioritise the projects the community wanted.

  2. Trust Formed

    December, 2012

    In December 2012, the steering group became an Incorporated Trust; in October 2013 the Trust gained charitable status. The Board currently has twelve trustees. South Alive’s strong, widespread local support ensures community voice is heard, thus having a very positive impact on the level of pride residents now have in South Invercargill.

  3. BinInn Purchased

    December, 2016

    South Alive put a plan together to purchase the building and in December 2016 took possession of the BinInn building, renovations begin.

  4. Social Enterprise Opens

    May, 2017

    The social enterprise retail store, ‘The Pantry’ opened in May 2017. To find out more about The Pantry, please visit their website by Clicking here

  5. Community Meeting Rooms Open

    March, 2018

    An initial refit of the remainder of the building finished, and the space opened as community meeting rooms in March 2018.

  6. Community Meeting Rooms Open

    April, 2019

    The final stage of renovations included an extension being added to the building to create purpose-built community spaces, this was completed in February 2019, and officially opened in April 2019. To book one of these rooms, please please visit their website by click here to find out more.


About Us

South Alive is an urban rejuvenation project, led by the community, with the goal of identifying the best possible future for South Invercargill and ways to make it happen.

It was established in 2012 with a small steering group, which then held a public meeting in April 2012 to generate ideas and decide priorities. Action teams of volunteers formed around each of the priority areas, and have been working since then to develop and implement projects.